What to see on a citytrip to London?

Hey guys,

This week I went to London with my sister for a 4 day citytrip. We had an amazing time and saw a lot! It’s a really big city so you can get lost very easily. Therefore it’s handy if you know what to do beforehand. Here are some tips that you can do or see in the city.

Day 1

London is a big city so going with the underground is really a recommendation if you want to see a lot of things. You can buy day cards or an Oyster card. With that card you can touch in and out and you can put a specific amount of money on it. Really handy and most of the times cheaper.

Westminister Underground Station

On the first day we went to Hyde Park, which was close to our hotel. Then we went to the nearest underground station and went to Westminister. There you can see the Big Ben, London Eye, Westminister Bridge and Church.

At the Big Ben in London

After that we got in the underground to Piccadilly Circus. Also a very touristy place but really worth seeing. From there you can also walk to Leicester Square (famous square) and Regent Street (famous shopping street).

Piccadilly Circus, London

Also nearby is Soho, a really cool neighbourhood with all kinds of Chinese shops and restaurants. There we found a nice restaurant called Bill’s. From there we went back to our hotel on Queensway to end the day.

Restaurant Bill’s in Soho, London

I also made a vlog about the trip and the vlog of the first day is online! You can watch it below. Also, subscribe to my channel for more video’s on London.

Day 2

On day 2 we went to an amazing neighbourhood called Notting Hill. There you can see some beautiful houses and architectures. Love the tall white houses and coloured doors. A good place to have some lunch is Paul. It’s a bakery where you can sit and can have all kinds of sandwiches.

Notting Hill, London
Paul, London

After Notting Hill we went with the underground to another neighbourhood called Marylebone, which has a really cute station. Really worth checking out! Marylebone is also a great neighbourhood with nice shops, bars and architecture. I love how every neighbourhood has a different style and feel to it.

Marylebone, London
Marylebone, London

After a quick break in Regent’s Park, one of the biggest parks in London, we went to Buckingham Palace. Of course the palace is something you can’t miss during your trip. Buckingham Palace is the London residence for the royal family.

Buckingham Palace, London
Buckingham Palace, London

After this we went to the O2 Arena because we had a Shawn Mendes concert. My sister really wanted to go to Shawn Mendes so we planned this trip around that moment. The O2 is a really cool concerthall where 20.000 people can fit in.

The O2 in London
At the Shawn Mendes concert in the O2

Update (7 june): My vlog of day two just came online on my YouTube Channel. Check it out below:

Day 3

A new day arrived and we had a lot of new plans to do. First we went to the famous shopping area of Oxford and Regent Street. My sister wanted to see an amazing styled restaurant so we went there first.

Regent Street, London
A restaurant called Sketch at Conduit Street, London

After walking though the shopping street (Regent Street) we went with the underground to Covent Garden. A really nice place with lots of little shops and places to have a drink or some food. It’s in a building that used to be a station. So cool!

At Covent Garden, London
At Covent Garden, London

After that we went to a really big building called Somerset House and we went to the view from the Shard. That’s the highest building in London and they have an amazing viewpoint. Really worth checking out. Unfortunately it started raining when we were there.

Somerset House, London
The Shard in London, taken from the London Bridge.
The View from the Shard, London

Day 4

For the last day of our trip we only had a few hours left before our flight back to Amsterdam. We went to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, walked a few miles next to the Thames with a great view of the London Eye and Big Ben, and went to see the famous shopping mall Harrods.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
Walking next to the Thames, London
At Harrods, London

After this we went back to our hotel to get our bags and then we went to the Heathrow Airport with the underground. We had a very fast flight to Amsterdam. Really enjoyed this trip and saw a lot in only four days! I hope you can use my recommendations for your trip to London.

I am also going to upload vlogs on the other days of our trip on my YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you can see those next week!


Thanks for the read and have a great trip to London!


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