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Hey guys,

As you probably now I started my YouTube channel TwanIsVlogging a while ago. It’s been almost 6 months now and I didn’t even have a channel trailer. I figured it would be good to have some content first and make a trailer out of that. So here it is!

I really like making these videos and I will keep on doing them as long as I can. I hope to grow some more so I have a nice little community that enjoy watching my vlogs and other videos. My vidoes are mostly about the things I experience and the travels and trips I’m going on. I’m also really interested in music, technology and lifestyle. I have a few videos on music already, but I want to make more “how to” and review videos for you guys.

Social media is obviously also a thing I’m really interested in. So I want to make a series of videos where I explain about different types of social media platforms and how to use them. How to grow on them, how to make great content etc.

So be sure to keep following me and my channel by subscribing. That’s really important because it helps a lot with ranking my videos and get them to more people. You can do that by going to my channel here, and to click the red button that says subscribe. Thanks!

2 Reacties

  1. Theo Vriendjea
    6 augustus 2017 / 00:08

    Goed bezig ?

    • twanisblogging
      6 augustus 2017 / 00:29

      Dankje! =)

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