Vlog #19: First Day in Mallorca

What’s up guys! Last week Rick and I were on vacation in Mallorca, Spain. Really enjoyed the amazing weather and we had a really great time. Of course I took my vlogging camera and drone with me so I took some amazing shots. So many amazing views and landscapes to shoot content! Go watch my first Mallorca vlog below:

We flew on Friday morning at 05:00 AM, so early! We arrived at our apartment around 10:00 AM so we had to wait a little while before the room was ready. We went on a walk in Cala Egos and explored our surroundings. After that we went to the swimming pool to have some drinks and do some chilling. Then we got our keys to our apartment and it was a really nice room! Really new so that is great. The complex is called Parque Mar, so if you ever go to Mallorca this is really a recommendation. We enjoyed some great views at our park as well!

We did some chilling at our apartment and pool because we were so tired from the journey. Around dinnertime we went walking to Cala D’or, a place next to ours which has amazing places to eat and drink. We came by the amazing port of Cala D’or with lots of yachts and places to eat and drink. Then we went to the centre of Cala D’or and had a great dinner. After that we went for some cocktails which was a really nice way to end the first day of our vacation.

Hope you enjoyed the vlog of our first day in Mallorca! I have two more vlogs of Mallorca coming in the next weeks so be sure to look out for that. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel to be sure you see the new videos every week. http://youtube.com/twanisvlogging

Thanks for the read and see you next week!


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