Top 6 Favourite Instagram pages

What’s up guys! For this weeks vlog and blog I will share my top favourite Instagram pages. I’ve been doing Instagram for a few years and I really like the platform. It really helped me with making more professional photo’s and I’ve grown to love photography so much. You can follow me here if you’re interested so see my page.

1. Men’s Lifestyle Page (@mens.lifestyle.ig)

I follow a lot of individual people, but also some pages that are about a subject and post all kinds of people. It’s a great way to discover new people to follow, and for inspiration for your own photos of course. @mens.lifestyle.ig is a lifestyle page that posts all kind of amazing photos related to fashion, traveling, lifestyle and style.

2. Benjamin Thorpe (@benjithorpe)

Benjamin has amazing photos that are really professional. Of course he is a lifestyle influencer as you can see by his photos. He has a lot of travel photos which I really like. He has also really creative photos of all kinds of things as buildings, food, views and beautiful places. Of course he is easy on the eyes too, what really helps his page =P Really worth checking him out!

3. Dennis van Peel (@dennisvanpeel)

Dennis is a lifestyle influencer from Belgium. He has a lot of photos taken in Antwerp, which is such a beautiful city. He and his friend Matthias shoot a lot of photos together. It’s also worth checking out Matthias. He has photos on fashion, fitness, food and lifestyle. He also has his own blog where he writes all kinds of posts about men’s fashion and his travels.

4. Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla)

Adam’s photos are just next level! He has 2,1 million followers =O So many! He has a page that mainly focuses on menswear and traveling. He takes beautiful photos from all kinds of places around the world. I really like the warm vibe his feed has, with all the brown colours. His Instagram Stories are also really interesting since he’s giving a behind the scenes look on how he edits his photos etc.

5. Romain Costa (@romaincosta_)

Romain is a guy from Paris, France who is blogger and works in architecture. He has a really unique page since all his photos are with blue tints. A really smart idea to grab peoples attention! He also has a page called @behindtheblue_, where he shows how he edit’s his photos to get the nice blue tint so it fits his page. Really worth checking out his pages.

6. Ryan M. Kolton (@ryanmkolton)

And last but not least: Ryan M. Kolton. He is a guy from Ukraine, who travels the world taking amazing photos. Currently he stays in New York City. He has a lifestyle page that focuses on himself, fashion, traveling and architecture. Really cool how he runs his theme and stays consistent to it.

So that were my top 6 Instagram pages. I hope you got inspired by it, to hopefully start making amazing photos yourself and to share them with the world. If you’re curious about my own Instagram page, you can check it out here.

Thanks for the read, and see you in the next one!







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