Top 5 tips for your home interior

What’s up guys! I always love to be busy with my home interior. For me, it’s very important to have a nice and cozy home so I will always enjoy the environment when I’m at home. Read about my tips for your home interior!

Tip 1: Wall decorations

Decorations on your wall are very important in your home to make it a lot more enjoyable. Those big white walls need some decorations! This photo on wood for example in the image above and below. It’s a photo I took in Spain, in a beautiful cloister in Toledo. A personal photo is perfect to use as decoration for a photo on canvas (foto op canvas doek) or wood. If you fancy one yourself, I recommend this website to buy one: https://www.canvascompany.be

Tip 2: Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers can not be missed if you want to have a cozy home. They are so decorative! A trip to the nearest garden centre does wonders. I have several plants in my home like the pancake plant, Swiss cheese plant, Dieffenbachia and some cacti of course. You can also buy flowers to make your home more decorative, but I’m not a big fan of that because they always die very fast. Plants on the other hand have a very long lifetime!

Tip 3: A carpet

Carpets are perfect for the chill corner of your home. It really breaks the big floor and looks very nice in the area of the couch and the TV. It’s also very nice for your feet, since the floor can be cold haha. I even have a carpet in the bedroom to make that room also a bit more decorative. Its part under the bed and part on the open floor to make a nice blend. Don’t mind my couch on the below photo though. I have a cat so it’s a bit demolished haha.

Tip 4: Coloured walls

Spaces with only white walls could get boring really fast. A great tip is to make some walls a colour. Only one wall in the space would be sufficient. It breaks the other white walls and gives a lot more warmth to the space. I have several black walls in my apartment. In the living room, one part of the wall is black, just like my kitchen drawers. Also one wall in my bedroom is black. I would go for some nice warm colours like dark green, blue, grey or black.

Tip 5: Incorporate big and small elements

Another thing is to incorporate big and small elements in your interior. I have some big plants but also small plants for example. When it are smaller objects you can place two or three things together to make it more decorative. Big objects can just stand on their own because they take a lot more space.

Hope you enjoyed the tips I gave you to get a more decorative and cozy home. If you want a canvas photo (canvas foto) as I mentioned before, don’t forget to check out these guys: https://www.canvascompany.be

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more photos. Thanks for the read and see you in the next one!

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