Top 5 Favorite Vloggers / YouTubers

For this weekends blog and vlog I reveal my top 5 favorite vloggers / YouTubers. I’m a YouTuber myself and of course I spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube. I watch all kinds of vlogs, tutorials and more. Are you subscribed to my channel? You can do it here!

#5 TravelFeels

TravelFeels is a really amazing channel if you are into filming and photography. Matti explains all kinds of cool stuff in his tutorials. You can learn about things in Premiere but also tips and tricks for your cameras, lighting, drone and more. Really helpful if you have a channel where you make videos! This video for example really helped me out with color grading in Premiere Pro.

#4 Ali Gordon

Ali Gordon is an influencer, mostly on Instagram. He has really amazing photos and also started a vlog channel on YouTube. He shares his life in London but also his travels to really cool places. He has amazing camera skills and love the fact he uses a lot of drone shots. A channel really worth checking out!

#3 Superwoman / Lily Singh

If you like comedy, you’ll like Superwoman. She has just amazing sketches and really funny videos. They are really good put together and I always enjoy them when I have some free time. She also has a vlogging channel where you can see her daily life. Really busy woman is she! Crazy!

#2 Sara Dietschy

Sara lives in New York and shares all things technology, travels and more. Really like her videos seeing the New York City life. Cruising around the streets on her boosted board. She also talks a lot about cameras, editing and all things Apple, which I really like. She has a really good combination of vlogs and tutorial videos!

#1 Jon Olsson

And of course on number 1: the amazing Jon Olsson. His vlogs are just next level! He is from Sweden but lives in Monaco with his girlfriend Janni. They do all kinds of crazy stuff, travels and a lot more! Their footage is really astonishing and beautiful. Really cool to follow along with their crazy life. Check out his channel!

This is my top 5 guys! Hope you like them and also let me know what your favorite YouTubers are so I can check them out. Don’t forget to check out my vlog and subscribe to my channel! See you in the next one.




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