Summer: My Ultimate Relaxation

Every year around July the first family’s, couples or friends go on holidays. It’s warmer, the sun is out and in my opinion everything is happier. On a bike ride with the wind through my hair, wearing sunglasses and seeing people who are dressed lightly. On a cartrip with the windows down and sticking my hand out to feel the wind. Going out, going to the beach, being outside. I love the summer.

For me summer is ultimate relaxation. When I have those beloved two weeks off from work, I don’t want to spend it at home but somewhere else. Spain, Italy, France. All beautiful country’s I’d like to visit during the summer. Nice temperatures, beaches, swimming pools and exploring different cities. Traveling around and see a bit more from this world. Tasting a different culture, eating their foods and swimming in their waters. When I’m laying in the sun on the beach, then it’s vacation for me. (Some summer shots below!)


Staying late on the beach. Eating dinner even later. And going out on a hot summer night. Strolling through the city. Finding new places to have a drink. Having a great time with the one you’re on vacation with.

It’s like living on a cloud for two weeks and then get pulled back to the real world. For me, it’s unimaginable how people live there every day of their lives. The warmth seems nice to me. But what if you have that everyday? Will I be able to function normally? I guess not. Maybe you just need to get used to it. They are doing that their whole lives. They don’t know anything else. They have adapted, just like I do to the weather in the Netherlands.

IMG_2612 IMG_2653

When those two weeks are over, it has two sides for me. I’m sad that I’m going home, because I have to leave the warmth, freedom and the actual vacation. On the other side, I’m going home. And I love my home. Home is a place where you’re comfortable and do your daily routines. I guess summer vacation is just a way to fill the battery again. Getting energy for the upcoming.

Maybe you can tell by this post that I’m really looking forward to my summer vacation. I need it. Everyone needs it. I can’t wait to have those two weeks. To relax, to charge up my batteries and be ready for what’s coming next.

Where are you going this summer? What is your ultimate relaxation? Let me know in the comments!

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