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Hope you’ve been well. You all know I love social media and how I’d like to stay active on it. Last year I started a new job as a social media specialist. It matches perfectly with my interest and I’m really happy with this job. I learned a lot in the past half year. I also get a lot of questions on how it works and what I actually do. I thought why not explain in a new blogpost!

Media Plan

Social strategy

So it all starts with a brand that comes to our company and wants to advertise. Based by their products, budget, interests and research we decide what media channels we are going to use for the media campaign. For that we make a plan where we explain to the client why we chose for that medium and why they are going to reach their goal with that. If social media is a part of the plan, I or one of my other social colleagues makes the social media part of the plan.

We decide what social channel we are going to use, what the target audience is, what objective we are going to use and how much budget is needed to reach their goals. Most clients use social advertising in their campaigns, but we can also do things as making content, community management, influencer marketing and organising media events.

Social Advertising

Advertising channels

There are a few options to advertise on social media. Mostly we suggest advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Simply because these social channel are popular and you can reach a lot of people on them. Depending on the client we can also do LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat or other social channels.


Depending on the brand and their goals we select an objective. That can be things as brand awareness, reach, interaction, video views, leads or conversions.


In the media plan you determine how much budget is needed to reach the goal, or how many budget can be used from the total budget for social. When starting with the campaign you need to think about how many budget you are going to use for what goal, target audience or if you have more campaigns how to divide it.


When you know the goals, timing, budgets and have all the materials for the social campaign, you can start with setting up the campaign in for example Facebook. For Facebook we use Facebook Business Manager. Every social channel has a specific platform where you can work in to manage and create campaigns. A campaign contains three levels, the campaign itself, ad-sets where you determine your target audience, budget and timing and the advertisement itself where you make the post with text, image, link, etc. If you have multiple target audiences you need to create more ad-sets and so a campaign can get really extensive. In some campaign you have to create for example 16 variations of the ads because every ad has a different target audience. When everything is set-up you can plan the campaign to start later or let it go live immediately. Before we start the campaign we always make previews of the advertisments so the client can check if this is what they had in mind.

Monitoring & Optimalisations

When the campaign is live, we monitor daily to see how the campaign is doing. Of course we want to have the lowest costs possible so there are quite a few ways to optimise the campaign while it is running. You can test with different audiences, creatives and caps. This way we can ensure the client that the campaign is doing the best it can do. Of course, it always stays a marketplace with biddings for the lowest cost to expose your ad on the social channel. You can really notice that in holiday periods like Christmas where there are a lot more advertisers that want to reach a certain audience.


When the campaign is over we make a detailed report on how the campaign did, what we did to make it better and what could have done better. Sometimes we make more reports if the client wants to be frequently updated on how the campaign is doing. Mostly we discuss the report with the client and determine what the next steps are.

Writing Content

Content sessions

We also make content for a lot of clients. Some client already have a publicity agency, so they will make the creatives as well. Some don’t, and then we will make the content for the social media advertising, or for the page itself. When we start with writing content for a client we always have a content session where we brainstorm about what to communicate and how. Based on this a content strategy will be made so the client can see what we have in mind and if that is okay.

Making content

When the content strategy is accepted we will write the content and give suggestions for the visuals. Depending on the client it can take a lot of time to come up with the right content. When the content is written, I’ll go to our studio and brief them on the visuals. Together with the texts, visuals and links the posts are ready to be published!

Posting or advertising

Depending on the client we will use the content for social advertising, or just for posting on the page directly. With some clients we have a year round content calendar where we will post something like three times a week. With other clients we only do periods during the actual campaigns.

Community Management

Reacting on comments

Of course when you posts things on social media, people will react on that. Luckily we also do community management for our clients. With this we will interact with fans on the page and answer their questions. We can determine if people are positive or negative about the products of that brand and we can let the client know what they can improve.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. Not only big brands are interested in influencers but also smaller brands are getting more interested in influencer marketing. Because influencer marketing is on social media, we also do this.

Finding the right influencers

We have a few platforms to determine what influencers are fit for certain brands and campaigns. We also work with third parties who can provide us with influencers for a campaign. It takes some time to find the right influencers and of course keep in touch with them, but it’s really fun and it keeps work very refreshing!

Influencer campaign

When we do influencer marketing we sometimes do everything our selves, but sometimes not depending on how much time we have for the campaign. When we do it ourself it means we have contact with the influencers, brief them on the campaign, make sure they have everything so that they can make their content, check their publications with the client and make sure everything is online on time.

Influencer event

Sometimes we also organise influencer events. With these events influencers can relate much more to the brand and also work with the products. We also make a lot of content during these events that we can use for social advertising. The influencers also make content of the event and post them on their social media or blog. Organising an event is really time consuming but really fun to do!

Hope you have a better idea now on what I’m doing as a social media specialist! I’m curious about what you do for a living. You can let me know in the comments. Do you also do something with social media?

See you in the next one! 😉





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