Why and how to start with Social Advertising

What’s up guys! In this blog I’m going to tell you all about social advertising, how to do it and why you should start with it.

What is social advertising?

Social advertising are basically commercials but then on social media. You know the sponsored messages that you find in your timeline right? Those are all set up with social advertising. It’s a way for brands to reach the target audience with their message. You can use social advertising on all kinds of platforms. Of course, Facebook and Instagram are the most populair but you can also advertise on Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat. For this blog we are going to focus mainly on Facebook and Instagram.

Why use social advertising?

Social advertising can be used in a lot of different ways and for a lot of reasons. Say you have a blog, like me, and want people to read it. You can use social advertising to reach the people you want to read your blog. Maybe you sell products and want to bring the products to the attention of your target audience. You can use social advertising for that. You can even use social advertising to boost your social media posts to get more likes, comments and clicks. My job is to create social advertising campaigns for brands in the Netherlands, but I also use social advertising for myself, like for this blog. Of course, social advertising comes with a budget and that’s why some people don’t want to do it. But because organic reach is getting lower and lower, you might want to consider saving some budget for social advertising if you want to reach people with your blog, product or story.

How to start with social advertising

It’s actually quite simple to start with social advertising on Facebook and Instagram. You do need to have a Facebook business page for your blog, brand or product but that’s about it. Just click in the right top corner on the arrow and select ‘Create ads’.


The first thing you need to do is to think about your goal with social advertising. You can use it in many ways. Brand awareness if you want to reach a lot of people, traffic if you want to have clicks to your website, or engagement if you want more likes and comments on your posts. Let’s say we are making a sponsored post for this blog and we want to lead people to my website. We will choose traffic as campaign objective. Next you can give your campaign a name and start your advertising account.

Target audience

Next thing you need to do, is to determine what people you want to reach with your sponsored post. Let’s say your blog is about fitness and you want to reach fitness-minded people. You can easily select demographics of your audience, like country, age and language. Then with interest targeting you can select the interest that you think your target audience will have. So for a fitness blog you can type in: fitness, gym, sports etc. Facebook will search for people who have interest in that and shows you how big the audience is. For my blog I want to reach people who have interest in lifestyle and blogs.


When you decided your target audience, you can also select on what platforms you want to be visible. You can choose a lot of placements, but I would recommend only the Facebook and Instagram feed for your sponsored post. These are the most efficient placements. Of course, you can select Instagram Stories if you want to advertise on Stories too.

Timing and budget

Next up is timing and budget. How long do you want your post to be visible and with what budget? You can easily start with a minimum budget like €5,- to see what is does for your post. Because we are doing a traffic campaign and I know that clicks are around € 0,50 – € 1,00 per click, we are going to fill in about € 20,- for the post. This way we can have some traffic to the website. Of course, you can make it as cheap or expensive as you want 😉 More budget is more results of course. Also be sure to select ‘lifetime budget’ instead of ‘daily budget’.


Now we can make the creative. How do you want your post to look? There are different kinds of creatives you can use: carousel with multiple images, just an image, a video, you name it! I’m going to go with a single image for this post. Be sure your image has the right format (1200 x 628 for a single image). You can add text to let people know where the post is about and what you want them to do, and select the URL you want to link to. And that’s it! You can finish your campaign and it is going to start delivering.

During campaign

A campaign always has several layers: campaign –> ad-set –> advertisement. Because you choose your target audience and budget in the ad-set, you can add multiple advertisements in one ad-set. This way you can optimise on the best performing ad to get even more results. When you have a larger budget you can also split the budget into multiple ad-sets. This way you can target different audiences with your ads. Each ad-set can contain the same advertisements. This way you can also optimise on ad-set level to see what audience is doing best. How do you know an audience or ad is doing better? Look for the ad-set or ad with the lowest cost per result. Then shift budget to the one with the lowest costs, so you can have more results. Because of this it’s always better to create more ads for your campaign so you can optimise on the best performing ad. Hope this makes sense!


When your campaign is running you will see the results coming in. People who are targeted are seeing your post and are clicking through to your website. When the campaign is over you can reflect on the results, and if you got anything out of it. Maybe you got more website visits, more sales or just brought your brand to the attention of a lot of people. For your next campaign you can use the learnings you had and optimise to an even better campaign.

Hope this gave you a good insight on social advertising and how to start with it! Let me know if you’re planning to do a campaign or if you already did one, what your experience was.

Thanks for the read and also have a look at my other blogposts. You can follow me on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/twanisgramming.

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