Citytrip to Rome – What should you see?

What’s up guys! This week I went on a citytrip to Rome with my sister. Rome was on our travel list so we figured why not go together and see this beautiful city. We went from Wednesday 18th of April till Saturday the 21th of April. Four days was just…

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First Summer Day 2018

What’s up guys, Yesterday was the first summer day of 2018! Although it is spring, it was 21 degrees and we could go outside without a jacket on. So nice! It was also on a Saturday so I was free with Rick and we went to the city centre of…

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March Favourites 2018

What’s up guys! It’s the first of April! Happy easter everyone 😉 Hope you have a great weekend. I’m having a family dinner tonight, so very nice to catch up with my family again at occasions like this. March is over so of course I have a new March favourites…

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What I do for a living – Social Media Specialist

What’s up guys! Hope you’ve been well. You all know I love social media and how I’d like to stay active on it. Last year I started a new job as a social media specialist. It matches perfectly with my interest and I’m really happy with this job. I learned…

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February Favourites 2018

What’s up guys! I’ve been really busy lately so hadn’t have time to post any blogs. But I have a new favourites blog for you today! February is over so it’s time for some of my favourites of this month.  Instagram Of course I have some new accounts to show…

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