My New Bedroom Interior

What’s up guys! It’s winter and with the sad weather in the Netherlands I needed some changes in the house. Do you ever have that? In this blog I will show you my new bedroom interior! Feeling inspired yet? 

My bedroom was a bit bare and not really cozy. I figured I needed some decorations. First up were the walls. Behind the bed the wall was already black, which I really like and is something different from all the white walls in the house. I went searching online for nice wall decoration and found “wereldkaarten” which means world maps. They have all kinds of world maps in different kinds of sizes and prints. I chose this canvas one, which I really liked! How do you like the result?

If you want a more personal touch instead of a world map, you can also go for your own photo on glass. “foto op plexiglas” is a great option for that. Another option is a poster in a frame. I bought two posters in different sizes with a gold frame. I really like the botanic theme so I chose one from a Monstera plant, just as the one in the room. The other one is a nice photo of a cozy place at the water.

For the night stands I chose a Monstera plant and for the other side some books with a little palm tree like plant. Another important way to make your room cozy is a carpet! I chose a white one with some dark tripes. It has fringes on the side.

I’m really happy with the result! I’m amazed by how some small decorations can make your room way more cozy. How are you going to decorate your room? I’m curious about your decorations. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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See you in the next one 😉

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