My favourites of November 2018

What’s up guys! November is over and therefore a new favourites blog from me 😉 Here I will discuss everything I found this month about new Instagram pages, new series and movies, new music and of course some of my own favourite content of the month. Did you have any favourites in November? Let me know!


As you know from previous blogs, I’m a big fan of Instagram. I love to get lost in all the amazing content that you can find on the platform. I try to post something on my Instagram every other day. You can follow me here: TwanIsGramming. Also let me know your Instagram, so we can connect! Here are some of my favourite pages that I found in November.

Elloit Burton

Elloit is a fitness influencer and has some amazing content. His photos are edited so beautifully and he shares all kinds of handy tips about workouts, fitness and going to the gym. So if you’re into fitness like me, he is a must follow!

Towards Infinity

William is more of a lifestyle Instagrammer and has content about fashion, travels and food. His feed is really colourful, and I love that! I also get a summer vibe from his feed which I really like. Wish it was summer again right now 😉

Thibault Mao

Thibault is all about menswear, fashion and lifestyle. If you’re looking for some clothing inspiration, he is the right one to follow. Besides that he also does home decoration posts. This gives me so much inspiration for my own home. What do you think about him?

Movies & Series

I’m a big fan of going to the movies and of course Netflix. This month I watched some great movies and series and these are my favourites!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I’ve always been a fan of the Harry Potter series and I was so excited when the first Fantastic Beasts came out. So when this new Fantastic Beasts released, I obviously went to see it immediately! It was such an amazing movie. I love the wizarding world and there were so much references to the Harry Potter series. I needed to get used to Jude Law being Dumbledore, but he played it very well. And Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, oh my god so good! I love that we get to know more about the story back in that day. At the end I did get the feeling that we didn’t get much further in terms of knowing how this is going to turn out, but I’m happy with what we’ve got so far 🙂 You should definitely go see it!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

At first I was unsure if this would be a show for me, since I’m not into horror and that kind of stuff. Tough it seemed to be a cool show, and since I also watch Riverdale I thought let’s give it a chance. It turned out to be great! It is not really horror, and has more of a Halloween vibe to it. Some parts are a bit gross, but it’s not too much. I really like the idea of Sabrina being an independent witch and standing up for herself, what she wants to do, and not what she is supposed to do. Of course, she is getting into trouble because of this, but yeah it’s a TV show haha. Really worth watching! There is also going to be a special episode released in December, so that should be cool. Looking forward to that!

A Discovery of Witches

Another amazing show, with again witches (don’t know what I have with that, haha) is A Discovery of Witches with Teresa Palmer. I can remember watching “I’m Number Four” and I thought see was so cool in that. In this show she is a powerful witch, but she doesn’t know it herself. She only uses magic when see needs it in some kind of situation. Turns out everyone wants something from her. They are looking for The Book of Life, and she is the only one who can get it. Meaning while she is falling in love with a Vampire (which is forbidden), and is learning more and more about who she really is. Great show!


There were also some great songs released in November. Rita Ora came with her new album. I really like her songs, especially new songs like “Let Me Love You”, “Only Want You”, and “Velvet Rope”. The Chainsmokers also came with a new song. I’ve been fan from them for a while now. I really like the sound they have, and that they let other singers sing their songs. “Beach House” is a great new song from them. And of course, not to be missed, Ariana Grande came with a new song “thank u, next”. Really cool one! You can listen to some of them below.



Own content

The autumn vibe really started on my own Instagram. Made some nice shots in the surroundings of Haarlem. We have some great areas with lots of nature here. I haven’t made a lot of new content lately. I really notice that when the summer is over, it gets harder to go outside to make so great content… But fortunately I’m going on vacation next week so I will have some new content for you guys.

Hope you enjoyed my favourites of November and let me know what yours are! I’m curious 😉 Hope you have a nice day and thanks for the read!

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