My favourites of July 2018

What’s up guys!

July is already over and I thought it was time for a new favourites post. What did I discover and like this month about new Instagram accounts, movies, series and music. Let me know your favourites of July in a comment!


You all know I really LOVE Instagram and that I’m on it non stop to discover new inspirational pages about men’s lifestyle and travels. This month I discovered some great new accounts that you really should check out. I’m amazed on how good this content can be and it really inspires me to take better photos for my own Instagram. The accounts I’m sharing with you this month are from Khaleed, who is sharing beautiful photos from his fashion and travels. Christian who is also traveling and has some great photos of Amsterdam. And Joey who mainly focuses on menswear. See some of their photos below.

pardon me ma’am

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Back on the grind and on the go with @equinox, next stop: last meeting of the day.

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Movies & Series

This month I went so see some movies again in the theatre. I also started with some new series which I’m sharing with you today.


A movie with Dwayne Johnson is always a joy to look at. This time was no exception! I went to see Skyscraper this month. A movie where a family gets stuck in the highest building of the world because of a fire. Dwayne is the father of the family and needs to save them from the building. Of course, he is saving them in all kinds of heroic ways which are very spectacular but sometimes a bit fake. Despite that it’s a great and exciting movie to see and definitely worth going.

The Incredibles 2

OMG! This month, The Incredibles 2 came out. I have been waiting forever for this movie. The first one was so cool back in the day. I remember to be such a fan of the movie. I even had the video game for on the Gameboy :O! Despite it’s a animated movie, I of course had to see this. I went together with my sister who also is a great fan and we loved the second one so much as well! So fun to see all the characters again and that the story is continuing. If you have seen the first one back in the day, you really NEED to go see this one. I hope there is going to be a third one as well!

Good Girls

I’m always browsing Netflix for new series and when I came by Good Girls, at first it didn’t interest me much. But then I saw it again and I thought why not see the first episode. It really surprised me in a good way and I really liked the show! It’s about three woman who rob a supermarket because they need money. Of course, things get dirty and they have to start working for some criminal with all the consequences that comes with it. Really fun show to watch!


This month I discovered some new music I really like. I always look out for new music Friday, because I love to hear new songs. Lately it’s been hard to find new songs I like, so if you have any let me know! Last month I discovered new songs that I like from The Chainsmokers, Bebe Rexa and Years & Years. Listen to the songs below.



This month I made some content myself. On my blog I wrote how my blog got hacked, I made a video of my work trip where we went to do Wipe Out which was so much fun, and of course I shared a lot of photos on my Instagram. See them below!

Hello summer! ☀️ Are you enjoying the sun?

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How cute is this?! ??

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Green in the streets is always a good thing ??

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Thanks for the read and see you in the next one! Don’t forget to follow my social which you can find below.




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