My Blog Got Hacked! (+ summer update)

What’s up guys! Long time no see 😉 My blog was hacked for a while, so unfortunately I couldn’t post new articles. So weird! Who would want to hack my blog? Well, I got it fixed now so I’m very happy with that. In this blog I will give you an update on the past months and why my blog got hacked. 


So my blog didn’t work for about a month. When you went to the website it just said: no page found or something went wrong. When I logged in on my WordPress, I got all kinds of weird pop ups. I decided to take matter into my own hands and Google some stuff about how to fix it. Unfortunately it turned out to be rather complicated. You had to upload your blog via a FTP server and bla bla bla…

I decided to contact the company where my website is hosted. Unfortunately they couldn’t help me because I had to take a more expensive package if I wanted my hack to be solved. I had no other choice but to do that. Within two days they got my blog working again!

My advice is to always have some kind of security plugin installed on your WordPress website. Apparently it is very easy to hack a WordPress website and it is important that you are secured. There are several plugin’s like Wordfence and Sucuri Security that can help with that.

Summer update

Game of Thrones Concert

In late may Game of Thrones gave a Live Concert Experience in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Wow, that was cool! They played a lot of soundtracks from the show, all played live. With amazing visuals, scenes from the show and singers it was an amazing experience.


Now that the summer days are here, Rick and I love to go on trips visiting the cities we like. Before we went to the Game of Thrones concert we went exploring a bit in Amsterdam. A few weeks later I also had a Facebook Blueprint Live sessions in Amsterdam, where my colleague Laura and I, made some photos.

Beach days

In June and July we had some amazing sunny and warm days in the Netherlands. It even barely rained for a month, which is really rare here. Perfect days to visit the beach and do some tanning! Of course, some food and drinks couldn’t be missed. Bloemendaal aan Zee and Scheveningen have great places where you can get amazing food and some great beach time.

Tourist is my own city

We always like to go to the centre of Haarlem on a beautiful day. Haarlem has so many great streets and places to see. A really historic city centre! Besides this, there is always something to do in the city. Markets, events and many more things. Have you ever been to Haarlem?

Work trip: wipe out

Last week we had an amazing work trip. We went to do wipe out! You know from the TV program, but then of course in a much simpler version. It was so much fun! I made a little video about it that you can watch below.

Thanks for keeping up with my blog and see you in the next one!




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