Must See Series – March 2017

So it’s been a few months since I’ve wrote about must see series: “Must See TV Shows in 2016“. Therefore it’s time for an update! I love watching series. I have two friends that don’t like watching series, and I’m like “whaaaaat”. They don’t know what they are missing haha. I just can’t understand how someone cannot love it. The amazing storylines, characters, excitement, I love it 😛


When you watch Westworld, everything is unclear at first. You have a lot of questions about whats happening. It’s about a fictional town in a park where androids live. You can go there as a visitor to experience what it’s like to live a Western life. As the series continue androids discover that their world is not real and strange things are happening in the park. Such a good storyline! You have to have patience for this show, but I really recommend it.


Travelers came available on Netflix a few months ago so I just though I give it a try and turns out it’s AMAZING! It’s about a group of agents that are sent back in time from the future. Well, their minds are being sent back in time. They possess bodies of people who are about to die. When the group of agents is complete they go on missions to save the world from great catastrophes. Because they already know what is going to happen and how many people are killed by it, they can prevent it from happening. Really good and exciting show!

The 100

I stopped with The 100 for a while. When a serie has more seasons I always have like a period where I stop watching because I lose interest. But then when I hear a new season comes I get excited. So I started watching it again and now I’ve seen everything! For the ones that don’t know, The 100 is about a future world where people live in space because there has been a disaster on earth. 100 people are being send back to see if the world is survivable. They discover that is it survivable and that there are other folks on earth. You can lose interest sometimes with this show, but it’s really worth watching the whole thing!


Riverdale is a new teenage drama about high school kids. After the death of Jason, the town is upside-down. Strange things are happening. Nobody knows what happened to Jason. Archie (the lead role) is struggling with his choice between football or music, while his friends are working out what happened with Jason and Betty’s sister Polly. It’s good handsome people play in it haha. Because the show is kind of slow. Not much is happening. But it stays exciting and mysterious at the same time. I love the setting of the town tough. So I hope they have a better storyline if they come with a second season, because the characters and setting is really great.

Hope you have some inspiration to start some new series! I really recommend these four. What are you watching right now? I want to know!

See you in the next one!

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