March Favourites 2018

What’s up guys!

It’s the first of April! Happy easter everyone 😉 Hope you have a great weekend. I’m having a family dinner tonight, so very nice to catch up with my family again at occasions like this. March is over so of course I have a new March favourites blogpost for you.


Instagram is my favourite social media so I spend a lot of time on there. You can follow me at @twanisgramming, where I post a photo every other day and of course keep you updated in my stories. Unfortunately I don’t have the Story Highlight function yet, hope to get it soon! Here are some amazing men’s lifestyle accounts I discovered this month.

Andreas Goliat

Andreas is a photographer and filmmaker. You can certainly see that, because his photos are really beautiful. He posts a lot of photo’s from his travel adventures, which is great because I love traveling and seeing beautiful places all around the word. Some of his photos:

Better catch that train ⚡️??

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Reasonable doubt ??

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Philip Deml

Philip’s page is similar to Andreas his page. Beautiful photo’s from all over the world with himself in the lead of course. Really worth checking him out! Here are some of his photos:

Johnny Edlind

Johnny is also a men’s lifestyle influencer. His photo’s are really beautiful and really inspiring. He has a lot of followers, almost 1 million. That’s crazy! Here are some of his photos:

What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it⛰

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View from a different point of view ?

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Movies / Series

Santa Clarita Diet

There’s a new season of Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix! Really liked the first season so I was very excited when the second season came online. I immediately started watching of course, and within a week I watched the whole season :O This season is again very funny. They’re finding out more about how Sheila got undead, and that there are more people like her! The ending was really open so I’m hoping for a third season next year.

Game Night

Of course I went to the movies this month. We went to see Game Night, a comedy / crime movie with Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman. They always have game nights with friends, but when Max’s brother comes back he wants to do a game night at his house. He takes it to a whole other level when he tells them someone in the room is going to be kidnapped and that the rest have to find that person with all kinds of clues. But of course something goes wrong and it turns out to be a real kidnapping! Really surprised by this movie and that I liked it so much.

Thomb Raider

The long awaited Thomb Raider finally released and I couldn’t wait to see the movie. I haven’t played the video games so I didn’t knew a lot about it. Luckily that is not necessary to follow along with the movie. It’s about Lara Croft who is going to search for her father on the island where he went. Everyone thinks he is dead, but Lara wants to find out the truth and goes to the island. The legend goes someone with great power is buried there in a tomb. You can guess it, of course they go in the thomb where all kind of things happen. Really exciting and good movie! I really love a good mystery.


Some new music released this past month that I really like. Really like this new song of The Chainsmokers, Everybody Hates Me. Really loves their sound, just like Sick Boy. David Guetta and Sia released a new song called Flames. Always love Sia her voice and in this song it’s no different! Also Mr. Probz (a Dutch singer) released an amazing song called Space for Two. Really worth checking out!


Own content

I also made some content myself this past month. I posted a blog about my job as a social advertising specialist. You can read it here if you are interested. And of course I posted a lot on Instagram. Here are some of the outtakes:

Hope you’re having a great day! ???

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Don’t forget to get your workout in ?? #fitboy ?

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He likes to lay down on the radiator haha ??

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Went to eat at this cute diner yesterday! ? Felt like I was in #riverdale for a moment haha ?

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Thanks for the read and see you in the next one!





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