March Favorites – 2017

Last day of the month, that means a new favorites post! Everything about my latest favorites in music, movies, series, Instagram people and photos. Let’s goooo!


Stargate, Sia and P!nk – Waterfall

So this new song with Sia and Pink came out! It’s produced by Stargate and it’s an amazing song. Sia and P!nk’s voices really fit together and I love the mysterious vibe it has. Go listen here:

Zara Larsson

For some really I’ve been really into Zara Larsson this month. Her new album came out and it has some amazing songs. Love the uptempo ones, especially when I’m working out. Have a listen here:

Rochelle – You Got Something

Rochelle is a Dutch singer. She won X Factor in 2011 but it has been a little silent around her. Until now! This new song of hers is a jam! Love the vibe it has. Listen to it here:

Movies & Series

Kong: Skull Island

Saw Kong: Skull Island this month and I really liked it! This time they went to a newly discovered island. When they arrive they discover Kong and some other very weird and big animals. Really exciting and nice film. Also love Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson in this movie. Go watch it!


Also saw Life this last week. It’s good Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds play in it haha. Because this film was not really my thing. It’s about life they discover on Mars. Then they are going to experiment with it and bad things happen. Sometimes really gross things haha. If you’re into that then you should definitely see this movie.

Iron Fist

Also started with the new Marvel series Iron First. Really like this one! It’s about a rich kid who everyone thought died in a plane crash. He came back to New York and has some challenges to come over. Meanwhile he is the Iron Fist and has a challenge to defeat the Hand. Recommend this highly!


Are you following me on Instagram? You should! @TwanIsGramming. Of course I found some new amazing people on Instagram you should really follow.

Ryan Greasley

@ryan_greasley is always great to look at. He has amazing lifestyle photos and lots of shirtless ones so that’s not bad at all! Wish I had a body like that! 😛

Waiting on my exercise buddy! ❤ Which one of you are running late? ? Waiting…. ⏱

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Janis Danner

@janis_danner is a German model and has amazing photos of his travels all over the world. Go check him out!

A sky Full of clouds and a dirty shirt but this view is just incredible #nofilter #capetown #sky #sundowner

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Alberto de Juan

@albertodejuanr is a spanish guy and has some amazing photos. Go check him out!

Dentro de poquito nos vemos por Barcelona ✈️? Foto: @marcosalberca

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Photos and vlog

Of course I posted photos myself this month. Some of my favorites:

Did you plan your summer vacation? Where should I go? Can’t wait! ?☀️

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Finally weekend! Took forever… What are you gonna do this weekend? ???

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Posted my first vlog! Shooting blog photos in Haarlem, explaining about my blog and workout. Go check it out! Link in bio. ???

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I also made a first vlog! I’m shooting blog photos for my last post. Go check that out if you haven’t yet. You can watch my vlog below. Let me know what you think of it and what I should be vlogging about in the future. Hope you like it!


That was it for now guys!

See you in the next one,


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