Finally Making Drone Shots Again – Vlog #25

What’s up guys!

It’s 2018! Can’t believe time is going so fast. This week I had a meetup with a friend to make some drone shots. He never flew with a drone before so I figured it was fun taking it with me and making some great shots at his house. Watch the vlog below.

Here are some pictures I took with the drone while it was up in the air! I’m still really learning how to handle the drone and how to make great shots with it, so keep practicing is good! I now know how to tilt the camera while flying it forwards. It makes some great shots!

I seem to have some issues though with the connectivity of my DJI Spark. When the drone is like 100 meters away, it already starts to have a bad signal and when I go a little further the connection gets lost. Luckily the drone automatically comes back, but it’s really irritating because I can’t even fly it far. Have you guys experienced anything like this? I do have the remote so it should be flying to like 2 kilometers. Let me know if you have a fix for this, because I need to know!

See you guys in the next one!


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