Life Updates – October 2018

What’s up guys! It’s been a while πŸ˜‰ I finally have the motivation and time to make a blog again. A lot has happened since my last blog, so it seems right to make a life updates blog from the past months. And oh my god, 2018 is almost over! This year is literally flying by.


Work is really busy at the moment. The last quarter of the year is always the busiest time at work. A lot of brands want to start again with their campaigns after the summer. Of course all the holidays are coming closer, so brands have a lot to advertise about! I’m doing a lot of big campaign at the moment. I still enjoy work so much, and the weeks literally fly by. Also, this month is my 1 year anniversary at my work! Really happy I found this job, so hopefully I will work there for a long time to come.


Something else that is exciting is that I’m going on holiday in December! This summer I didn’t really had time off, only a week in September but we didn’t go away. My sister and I really wanted to go on a holiday, so we decided to go together. The first week of December we will be in Tenerife, Spain! Really looking forward to this. Chasing the sun when it’s getting colder in the Netherlands. Of course I will also make some cool content when I’m there. Can’t wait for the beautiful views!

Life updates

Last month we went to Breda. A beautiful city in the Netherlands, where I had never been before. I heard really positive things about Breda, so it was time for us to explore! It was a great day and the weather was really nice. Below some photos.

We also went exploring a bit closer to home. The Netherlands is all about cycling, so we went on the bike to some villages nearby Haarlem. We went through this nice little place called Spaarnwoude. Below some photos.

I also did a chocolate workshop last month! I got invited to the workshop with work, so I went with a colleague. We made some delicious bonbons. Do you like chocolate?

Every year we have a trip with work. Last month we went to Texel, it’s an island above the Netherlands. We did a lot of cycling combined with assignments, went to the beach to power kite and blo-kart. We also had a really nice party in the evening πŸ˜‰ The next day we drove in a TukTuk safari through the island. So much fun! When we went home everyone was really tired, and we almost slept the whole journey home. Below some impressions πŸ˜‰

The weather was really great still in September and October. Unfortunately, it’s getting colder and more grey now, but luckily I will go to the sun in December.

Hope you enjoyed this little blog, and I will post more soon! Keep up with me on my socials:


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