January 2018 Favourites

What’s up guys!

2018 started and it’s already the last day of January! That means it’s time for a new favourites post. I haven’t done one for a while so I figured it was time to do it again.


Some Instagrammers I really liked this month are men’s lifestyle bloggers @justinliv, @erik.forsgren and @johnphilp3. They all have amazing quality photos of lifestyle, travel and fashion. I really get excited to travel again when I see their photos. I’m going to plan some new citytrips soon! Where are you going next? Let me know!

Vintage Zinque ?

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All about the brekky, Downunda ???

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I’ve been addicted to Netflix for a while now and I really like to spend some of my free time watching series. This month I really got into a few series.

A new season of Travelers came online. I already watched season 1 last year and I really liked it so I was very happy when season 2 came available on Netflix. I really recommend this show. It’s really well put together and really exciting all the time. It’s about people from the future who can send their conscious back to the present to save people and stop disasters from happening. Go watch it!

Finally all the seasons of Friends came available on Netflix in the Netherlands! I have seen some episodes but never in the right order and I haven’t seen all of them so I got really excited starting with Friends again from the beginning. Friends never bores and is really nice if you don’t want to see long episodes.

Season 2 and 3 from the Flash came online this January! I really liked season 1 so I got really excited for this. It’s about a guy who can run really fast and saves the city from all kinds of threats. It’s really cool that it’s in the DC Universum, so some other characters are also appearing in the show such as The Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow who also have their own shows.


This month I didn’t like a lot of new music, but there where some songs that really got to me. One is from the Chainsmokers. They released a new song called Sick Boy. I really like the vibe of this song and the video is also really creative.

I also discovered this song by Charlie Puth: Dangerously. It’s an older song from 2016 but I just discovered it and I really liked it. Other songs as How Long and Attention are also really nice.

Own Content

This month I also made some new content with my drone. I haven’t used it for awhile because of the weather sucking in the Netherlands. It’s really cold and rainy lately. But I made two videos on my YouTube channel you can check out.

I’m also really active on Instagram, so if you like that platform you should really check it out! Here are some of my favourite photo’s from this month.

Enjoying the first day of the year with a great lookout ?? How is your new years day? ??

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Handsome kitty ??

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So that were my favourites of this month guys! Hope you liked it and stay tuned for new blogs.

See you in the next one 😉

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