Hot New Movies of This Week (June 29)

Most of the time when I’m free, I’m watching movies or tv-shows. If you love watching new movies, go get an unlimited card at your cinema! It’s worth it big time!

As you can imagine, when there is a new great movie released: I’m watching it! So this week I went to two new films. Star Trek Beyond and the new Jason Bourne movie.

Star Trek

Star Trek is really a film series I didn’t know before. I never watched any of the old series.

I can’t even remember if I watched the new films from 2009 and 2013. I re-watched the trailers before I went to see the new one, but I couldn’t recall those movies. I always imagined Star Trek was a film with weird monsters only. Floating in space and fighting for their planets.

Fortunately, it’s really different. Yes, there are monsters but mostly good guys. Of course their world and spaceships have to be rescued. That didn’t surprise me.

Despite that cliché, it was a very entertaining film. Luckily it didn’t matter that I didn’t see the previous films. You can see this as a standalone film in a continuing universe.


This film has a new storyline with the old characters of the films from 2009 and 2013. For people who did see those, it’s probably a lot more recognizable. This time there is a new enemy from another world who wants to have this ornament that can let people vanish. He captures the Star Trek team to get it. The mission is to rescue their team and to stop the enemy from taking over.

I would really recommend this film. Also if you haven’t seen any other Star Trek film. Even if you don’t like monsters and space movies. It’s more than just that! Also, Chris Pine is not bad to watch haha 🙂

Jason Bourne

The other film I saw this week was the new Jason Bourne movie. I love Jason Bourne movies, I’ve seen all the movies so I couldn’t wait for this one to arrive! This time Jason learns about his past and what he was before he became and agent.


It turns out the director of the CIA and an agent are responsible for what happened to him. Of course, he can’t let them go unharmed. So a heavy pursuit and hunt is going down. Through casinos, hotels and the streets of Las Vegas. You can imagine it gets dirty. With great action scenes, movie shots and effects the movie is put together really good.


It was a great film and I just love a good action movie. So go see it!

What movies did you watch? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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