What Is It With Me And Horror Movies?

So yesterday I went to the new horror movie Blair Witch. I don’t really like horror movies, but I get tempted to see one every time. Especially when ‘someone’ drags me along. (I won’t mention names :P) Before I know it I’m in a movie sitting really uncomfortable.


Blair Witch is a film about a group of friends who are looking for a lost sister in ‘haunted’ woods. Well, you know that can’t end well. And it didn’t. Every time I see a horror movie it starts really well. I’m like: ‘Yeah, this is exciting. Sure, I can watch this till the end.’ Then the tension is building up. People are going missing, weird noising while sleeping, strange things happening. Of course the group of friends in the film are always going outside to see what’s happening. WRONG MOVE! Then the horror begins.


I think the fact that this could happen in the real world, scares me the most. I know it isn’t real and probably won’t ever happen. But still, the tough of it happening in the real world scares me. Situations start as it could be in real life. No one lives to survive. Maybe it has happened in real life. Maybe I’m just not used to horror movies. Every time there is a hard noise, I jump from my seat! Also, most of the time it’s just really gross. Gross monsters, gross things happening to people, and what I really don’t like is when ‘entity’s’  take over a human body… Ughhh


Another likewise thing is strange phenomena. Sometimes when I’m browsing through YouTube I see these videos that let you see strange things happening. You hear a voice over explaining what happened. People who have seen aliens, ghosts and all that kind of stuff. They have all kind of theories explaining why and how something like that happened. Scares me!

I guess things like horror movies are just not for me. What scares you? And do you like horror movies? Let me know about your experiences!

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