7 Tips For Finding A New Hairdresser

I moved to a new town two months ago. Now it’s time to switch with a few things. Things like a hairdresser, the dentist and a doctor. You all have to find new ones. And let me tell you, that’s not an easy task. From young age your parents put you at their hairdresser, dentist and doctor. But now you have to find one yourself.

This week I went on a mission to find a new hairdresser. What kind of hairdresser do I want? Rather more expensive and a better cut? Or a bit cheaper but you risk the fact that your hair is going to be ruined. Okay I have to admit. In the past I have had bad experiences with new hairdressers. This one time when my regular hairdresser was pregnant, I had to go somewhere else. They cut my hair way to short! So I had to wear my hair differently because otherwise it would be a no go.


So with these traumatizing thoughts in my head, I went online to look at some reviews of hairdressers in my hometown. I went with a more expensive and professional salon this time.

My before and after:

IMG_3367 Schermafbeelding 2016-08-29 om 00.40.39

Here are some tips:

  1. Search for hair salons that have a professional look and website, is their website professional? Then the salons is mostly too.
  2. Read reviews of the salon. What did people experience there? Are they happy?
  3. Call the salon and ask for some advice! Ask what they have to offer and why it’s a good salon.
  4. Stop by the salon to have a look inside and let them tell you about the salon.
  5. It’s very important to know what you want with your hair. If you don’t give boundaries, the hairdresser will cut it how they like it. So think about what you are going to say about your hair!
  6. Feeling uncomfortable because they are cutting too much hair? Just say it to them, and explain them again what you want.
  7. I guess you just have to go! Are you happy with your cut? Then it can become your standard salon. Not happy? Move on to another one next time. There are lots of choices.


Let me know if you have troubles with hairdressers! I hope these tips will help you get there!

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