How to grow your followers on Instagram

In my last blogpost “How to make great content for Instagram” I explained some tips that helps you to make great content for Instagram. But what is fun about it if nobody sees it? So here are some of my experiences that helped to get more followers and very important LIKES!

1. Have great content!

Of course it starts with good pictures. That is what Instagram is all about. If you don’t know how to do that, or what to make photos of read my blogpost about that here. It explains exactly what you should do to make great content. If your photos look great, people are more likely to follow and like your account.

2. Use captions and hashtags

Captions are a very nice way to express yourself and what’s in the photo. People like to know the story behind the photo or want to know more about you. So come up with a good caption! Hashtags are also very important. People can find your photos because they are searching on those hashtags. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post! Think about the subjects of your Instagram or photos and start tagging! Also, leave the hashtags in a separate comment. That way people only see your caption and not your hashtags.

3. Engage with other people in your niche

This is a great one to get followers and likes on your photos. People first need to find you before they like or follow you. How do you get seen? By using hashtags, but also by interacting with other people. Like/comment/follow people who have around the same following and interests. They are more likely to like back or follow back. How do you find the right people to engage with? By searching on the same hashtags you use or search for brands you like and start interacting with their following.


4. Search on locations and use geotags

When you are interacting with people, you can also search on location. Want to interact with people near you? Then search for the place you are right now. Are you curious what’s happening in another town or country, then search there and interact with people who are posting photos about that place. Also don’t forget to tag your own location when you post a new photo. It’s another way people can find you!

5. Shoutouts

Sometimes it’s hard to be seen by others. There are so many people posting photos, so how do you stand out? A way is to get shoutouts. Reach out to people who have about the same following and ask them to do a S4S (Shoutout for Shoutout). They post a photo of you and tag you in it and you’ll do the same for them. That way a following of somebody else gets introduced with you immediately. When they like your content they are likely to follow you! When you want to have a shoutout of a big account you mostly need to pay for it. So if you’re up to that you can contact some big accounts.

6. How to get more likes

There is a sneaky little thing going on with Instagram to get more likes. On accounts that have a lot of followers people start commenting Lb, First and Instant. That means like back, instant like etc. So for example you go to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram (@kyliejenner), and click on her last photo. You see people are commenting Lb. When you go to their account and like their last pic, they will do the same for you! Let the likes come in!

Hope you learned from my experiences! Instagram is a great way to express yourself and interact with others. If you have any tips yourself, let me know about it in the comments. What are your experiences with Instagram?

See you in the next one!

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