Fitness And My Experiences

Starting with fitness is a big step for most people. I understand that, especially when it’s your first time in a gym. A few years ago, I was someone like that. I was heavier than that I am now, and I wanted to do something about it. So I started on a cross trainer. Not in a gym, that was way to scary for me. No, just in the attic at my parents’ house. On a very old cross trainer. I started paying attention on my food and worked out three times a week.

As time passed it started working and I lost weight. After one year I lost 20 kilograms! I looked better, was proud of myself and I was way more confident about myself. It was a great idea to start working out!


In 2014 I got myself a little studio in Amstelveen. Mostly because of my internship in Amsterdam. I wanted to join a gym. I did some research and I went to Fit for Free, a common gym in the Netherlands. I was so uncomfortable the first times at the gym. Luckily I went together with a friend, so we could discover it together. Cardio is not so hard to do, but that strength equipment? I had no idea how it worked!

My advice is, just use it and try it! You’ll see you will figure it out very quick. There are always descriptions on how to use it on the machine itself. So, as time past I got into it and I developed my own training schedule. It’s handy to look for yourself what feels nice to use and then build on that. What you do need to do, is train all the muscle groups evenly. You can’t train your arms only for example, use your whole body! There are lots of equipment for the same muscle groups so lots to do!

Now, two years later, I still workout three times a week and it became a habit for me. I don’t look up to it any more, I like it. For some people, that’s hard to understand. I guarantee you, when you have started and went through with it, you want to keep your results and want to better them! It becomes a habit for you and you don’t look up to going to the gym anymore. It’s part of your routine.


The beginning is always hard. You just have to start and hold on! After a while you get used to it and you don’t want anything else anymore. Then you only have to cope with the people who don’t understand what you do and find it a waste of time. But that’s not your concern! You did it, not them!

Do you workout? Or do you want to start? Let me know about it and about your experiences in the comments!

Till next time!

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