First Summer Look of the Year – 2018

What’s up guys,

Finally summer is arriving and I’m sorting out my wardrobe with some new items. I got some items from OPEN32 which I really like and wanted to show you! Are you ready for summer or do you need to sort out your outfits?


OPEN32 is a multi-brand store with stores all over the Netherlands. I love to go to the store in Haarlem whenever I’m in the city and doing some shopping. They have all kinds of brands. Silvercreek for example is a brand of their own, but they also have brands like G-star RAW, PME Legend, Replay, Levi’s and more.


The outfit that I’m wearing is from Silvercreek. The t-shirt is called ‘Fieldcrest’ and has an all-over print and short sleeves. It’s a 100% cotton shirt which is always so comfortable in my opinion. The quality of this cotton shirt is also great! The shirt is round at the bottom which looks really nice. You can combine this really well with jeans and some pair of sneakers or boots. What do you think of this t-shirt?

The jeans I’m wearing is called ‘Copper’ and is a 5-pocket jeans from Silvercreek. It has a regular waist and straight fit. I always love to fold up the bottom of the jeans whenever it has a straight fit. The jeans has a good fit and is really comfortable to wear. I love the deep blue color and the stitching that is standing out. You can combine this with so many shirts and shoes. Really great for casual but also for work. What do you think?

Want to know more about OPEN32 and their brand Silvercreek? You can check them out here. Also let me know what you think of this outfit and what you love to wear in the summer!


Fieldcrest t-shirt

Copper Jeans

Thanks for the read and see you in the next one! Don’t forget to follow on my social media.




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