Vlog #17: My First Drone Experience

Hey guys,

I have been interested in drones for a while now. I’m a bit of a tech nerd that way haha. When DJI announced a new drone called “Spark“, I was really excited. I didn’t want the big and expensive drones because I’m only using them for my vlogs and social media. This drone seems ideal for my current situation so I started saving for it. With my birthday coming up I thought I treat myself and I bought the drone this week! What are my first drone experiences? Discover it in my vlog below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.

So the spark is a really tiny but powerful drone. I bought the fly more combo. You get the drone, remote controller, extra battery, propellor guards, extra propellors, a charging hub and a nice bag to travel with. It’s really handy to have more than one battery because you can only fly 15 minutes with one.

First test

The setup procedure was a bit painful because I couldn’t connect to my phone for some reason. I think it’s more the fault of my phone than the drone, since my phone has some issues haha. Once I was connected I had to update the firmware to its newest version and after that I was good to go. I did a quick test in my bedroom, but it’s not such a good idea to fly indoors unless you have a villa or something. =P So I landed quickly and decided I had to try it outside. I really recommend you to read the manual if you don’t have experience with drones. It really helped me out a lot on how to fly with it and to know what you can do with it.

First time outside

I went to a park near my home to test it outside for the first time. I discovered my normal SD card didn’t fit in the drone, so I had to record from my phone. The footage is a bit laggy and not really HD, so I immidiatly ordered a micro SD card so I can have full HD footage. The first official flight went really great. The controls work really well and it suprised me how easy it is to fly. I did some test shots and was just fooling around to discover how everything works. You can see the footage in my vlog. The only downside is the battery. You can only fly around 15 minutes until it gives you the warning to return home. A second battery is really recommended!

Drone presets and gesture mode

The drone has a few presets that are really cool. You have ActiveTrack, where you can follow a person or vehicle without having to control the drone. There is a QuickShot mode where the drone can do various movements that create really cool shots. Then you have TapFly so you can tap on the screen where it needs to go and it starts flying. The drone also has a Gesture Mode so you can control the drone with your hands. You can launch the drone from your hand with PalmLaunch, and do various actions by just moving your hands in front of the drone. Really cool!

Drone footage

This Saturday I went to my parents in Medemblik. Medemblik has a few amazing sceneries to fly with a drone so I brought it with me. The footage looks really nice and finally I have full HD video. I’m really amazed by this tiny drone that can do so many things, fly as good as it does and film great quality content.

If you’re interested in drones and a beginner in making videos, I really recommend the DJI Spark. An amazing drone that delivers the quality that you would expect from a really expensive drone.

Thanks for the read, and see you in the next one!


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