February Favourites 2018

What’s up guys!

I’ve been really busy lately so hadn’t have time to post any blogs. But I have a new favourites blog for you today! February is over so it’s time for some of my favourites of this month. 


Of course I have some new accounts to show you! If you didn’t know, I really like Instagram and I’m constantly on it. I always try to find new inspirational accounts to follow. Think of travel, lifestyle and fitness accounts. Unfortunately Instagram is changing the algorithm constantly so I can’t see all the posts anymore. I always watch the stories and go the the accounts to see if they have new photos.

Jurjen Harmsma

Really like the look and feel of his lifestyle feed. Really amazing photography and a lot of posts from Amsterdam. I love Amsterdam so that’s a good match!

Joey London

Joey has a really inspirational feed with lots of fitness motivation, lifestyle and travel shots. Really wish it was summer when I see his posts! What do you think?

Mr. Salvatore

If you’re looking for some more creative photos, you can check out Mr. Salvatore. His photos are really beautiful and well edited. Really like his feed!

Movies / Series

Marvel’s Black Panther

This month I saw the new Marvel movie Black Panther. I’m always a fan of Marvel movies and this was an amazing one once again. Really liked that the movie takes place in Africa, to see the culture and people over there. Really cool concept that they live in a city with lots of technology, that nobody knows about. I would say: go see it!

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The new Maze Runner movie came out earlier this month. Since I saw the first two movies it only made sense to go see this one as well. I also read the first book and I really liked the book and first movie. This one was a little bit slow and sometimes it took too long before some action happened. Nevertheless, it was well put together and the effects were nice. It’s cool to see that they explore the world beyond the maze.

Altered Carbon

I also started with the Netflix show Altered Carbon this month. I only saw the first two episodes but it didn’t really get to me. The story stays kinda vague throughout the episodes and I didn’t feel like going further. I’m curious, what do you guys think of it. Is it worth watching? Let me know!

Own Content

Of course I made content myself. Unfortunately no vlogs, because it is too time consuming right now. And because of the winter I don’t go on too many trips so I don’t have stuff to show you ;P. Fortunately I’m really active on Instagram and I also want to make blogs more often, so keep an eye out for that. Some of my favourite photos from February.

Took some nice drone shots again!

Thanks for checking out my new blog! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. See you in the next one 😉

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