Exploring the Netherlands – #1 Leiden

I love to go on citytrips. Whenever it’s here in the Netherlands or somewhere abroad. In this series of blogs I will write about cities in the Netherlands I explored and think you should check out if you’re coming to the Netherlands. This blog is about Leiden, a city in the province of South-Holland.


Leiden is a very old town. The oldest reference to Leiden is from the year 860! Now Leiden has a population of more than 120.000 people. A lot of the old history is still there and you can all see it in the old centre of the town with its beautiful buildings, architecture and canals. Also, Leiden houses the oldest university of the Netherlands. It’s one of Europe’s top universities and it even got Nobel prizes :O Therefore Leiden is a typical University City with over 35.000 students.

When you enter the centre you immediately feel the energy of all the young people that are cycling and walking across the streets. As everywhere in the Netherlands, a lot of bikers here! Wanna go to fancy coffee or lunch places? You’re at the right place! Also all kind of little vintage shops in little alleys. Love it!

And of course you can’t miss the amazing canals with beautiful buildings and bridges. Just next to the shopping area you will find these waters with cool bridges. Also, when you go a little deeper into the old town you’ll find amazing squares with churches and nice architecture.

Also, be sure to visit “De Burcht van Leiden”. It’s an old shell keep from the 11th century.

Leiden has great places to get something to drink or eat some food. We went to a very cool place called “Nico” in Morsstraat 25. Be sure to check that out! It has a great style and amazing food!

So that was it for now guys! Hope you got some inspiration to visit this place. Want more info about this town? Click here.

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See you in the next one 🙂


  1. 22 February 2017 / 19:58

    I’ve never been to Leiden, which is actually quite sad since I only live about an hour away by train. I might get to do a semester there though and this post got me all excited for it 😀
    Wanna do a collab on Rotterdam if you decide to go there? 😛


    • twanisblogging
      22 February 2017 / 20:20

      Ahh yeah you should definitely go there! Such a nice city. And of course we’ll do a collab if I’m going to Rotterdam haha 🙂

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