How To Edit Your Instagram Photos

I’ve been doing Instagram for a few years now and I really like this social platform. I thought let’s share with you guys how to edit your Instagram photos, so you can start posting better pics! Hope you learn something from it. Follow me on Instagram @TwanIsGramming!

There are only two apps I really use to edit my photos. It’s a very easy and quick way to edit your photos without needing a computer. So handy when you want to post something while you are on the go or traveling through different parts of the world without having a computer at hand.


VSCO is a really great app for filters and for adjusting your photo. You can crop your photos in the square Instagram format, you have lots of option to edit your photo with saturation, highlights, shadows etc. and of course the filters. You can download extra filters from their website. Some are free and for some you need to pay, but the free ones will do just fine! Filters that I like to use are A6, G3, HB2 and NC. You can adjust the strenght of the filter to suit your photo. You can play a bit around with it to see what it best for the specific photo you have. Then save it to your photos and it’s good to go!

VSCO Filter A6
VSCO Filter A6


Of course you want to look good on your Instagram feed. Especially when you’re posting a selfie from up close. With Retouch you can easily get rid of unwanted spots on your face. The only thing you need to do is select the spot with the repair tool and it’s gone. Simple as that! Does it look weird or not really natural? Then do it a few times over until you have the good one. A life saver =)


UNUM is a really handy app to plan your Instagram feed. I like to have a sort of theme going on, but it’s really hard to have photos with the same colors. UNUM import you Instagram feed and you can add photos from your phone that you didn’t post yet, to see if they fit nicely in your feed. Really handy! You can adjust them easily by dragging them in the position you want. You can also see some analytics in UNUM. Really handy to see when the best time to post is, or to see the best photo you have posted.

My Instagram Feed, Feed in UNUM and analytics.

Hope this helped you guys to start making better photos for your Instagram! Thanks for the read, and see you in the next one.

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