Vlog #21: Caves of Drach in Mallorca

What’s up guys! In our last vacation vlog we went to Porto Cristo to have a look in the caves. Also did some really nice drone shots from the surroundings of the cave. We also went exploring the town and had dinner in Cala D’or. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel here

Caves of Drach

We went with the bus from our apartment in Cala Egos to the Caves of Drach. It was about an hour drive but it’s definitely worth it. The caves are really big and there are a lot of big spaces where you normally would see only tight spaces in caves. A really cool thing is that there is water in a few places in de caves. One spot just looked like a beach, but it’s only the stone and water from the cave. We started from the top and went all the way down to sea level where there was a big underground lake. There, everybody has to sit down because there is a little orchestra that is going to play, paddling by in a little boat. It’s nice but not really something I would suggest doing in a cave. Then everyone went with the boat to the other side of the lake and there was the exit of the cave.

Porto Cristo

After the caves we went to make some drone shots in the surroundings of the caves. You can see those in the vlog! After that we went to the town that is near the caves  Port Cristo. A really nice little town with a beautiful bay with a beach and port. Lots of places to eat and drink and of course some shopping streets. Really love how all these little towns are located at the water.

Last Night in Mallorca

For our last night in Mallorca we went to have some dinner in Cala D’or, near our place Cala Egos. The next morning we had to catch our flight at 5:00AM! So early! So after dinner we went home to pack all of our things and go to bed because we couldn’t have much sleep.

Thanks for reading my last post about Mallorca. See you next week 😉


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