April Favourites 2018

What’s up guys!

April is over and that means a new favourites blogpost. Everything about my favourite Instagrammers, movies, series, music and more!


Instagram is my favourite social media and I spend a lot of time on it. I always try to find new cool accounts to follow, mostly in the men’s lifestyle scene. These are some accounts I found this month.


Tommy is medical student and shares some beautiful photos of his daily life. He is from Germany and has over 100.000 followers, crazy! You can check him out here. Some of his photos:

Coachella day 1 was crazy ??????☀️

Een bericht gedeeld door Tommy | 26 | GER (@tommyviews) op

So ready for Eminem tonight ??

Een bericht gedeeld door Tommy | 26 | GER (@tommyviews) op

Carlo Sestini

Carlo has some amazing photos. Really love his fashion style and the quality of his photos are really great. You can check him out here. Here are some of his photos:

“I will take order N22, thanks” Total Look @prada

Een bericht gedeeld door CARLO SESTINI (@carlosestini) op


Een bericht gedeeld door CARLO SESTINI (@carlosestini) op

David Renken

David shares some amazing photos of his life in the city and as a travel blogger. You can check him out here. Here are some of his photos:

Please come back sun! ? #wobistdumeinsonnenlicht

Een bericht gedeeld door DAVID RENKEN (@david_rnkn) op

Freedom, Happiness, Love ❤️

Een bericht gedeeld door DAVID RENKEN (@david_rnkn) op

Movies and series

Of course I saw some movies and series this month. These are some of my favourites.

 Avengers: Infinity War

Last week I saw the new Avengers movie and oh my god! That was a fight! It’s really cool more and more heroes are coming together in the Avengers movies. This time they added heroes like Spiderman, Black Panther, The Guardians of the Galaxy and Dr. Stange. This is also the first Avengers movie where they go into space, since that is a part of The Guardians of the Galaxy. You should definitely go see this. The end was so exciting and I didn’t expect it to happen! It’s an open ending so we will have to wait a few years for the next one. Here is the trailer.

A Quiet Place

Wow this movie was also great. It’s about a family that lives on earth but there was an invasion of aliens that react on sound. Everyone has to stay quiet in order to survive. You can guess it, things happen that make noise and things go wrong… Really exciting movie and it leans towards horror. Here is the trailer.


A new season of Westworld started, finally! I watched the whole first season last year and I’m glad it’s back. The residents of the park are taking over and there are so many new developments. I’m really excited to see how this continues. The YouTube channel Alt Shift X is really worth checking out. They do explain video’s on the episodes of Westworld. It’s so complex that this really helps to understand the bigger picture and all kinds of references.


I also discovered some new music this month. Songs I really liked were “One Kiss” by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa, “The Middle” by Zed and Maren Morris and “In My Blood” by Shawn Mendes. You can check out the songs below on Spotify.

Own Content

Of course I also made content myself this month. I went to Rome which was such a great experience. You can read everything about it in my blogpost here. Some of my favourite photos:

Already missing Rome and the beautiful weather! ☀️??

Een bericht gedeeld door TwanIsGramming (@twanisgramming) op

In Rome everywhere is beautiful to take a photo ?? Happy Sunday! ??

Een bericht gedeeld door TwanIsGramming (@twanisgramming) op

Beautiful day in Haarlem! ☀️ How is your day going? ???

Een bericht gedeeld door TwanIsGramming (@twanisgramming) op

Thanks for the read and see you in the next blogpost! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media.





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