Did we survive the snow in Antwerp? – VLOG #24

What’s up guys!

The second part of our trip is now online on my YouTube channel. We had a very nice second day in the city. With did some shopping, had a nice dinner and saw the Christmas market which was really nice. It’s so nice that everything is decorated with lights. Watch my new video below. Also subscribe to my channel here.

I really love the architecture in Antwerp. The buildings and streets are so beautiful. The city is also really great for shopping with it’s big shopping street. There are also some really nice shopping malls. You can for sure spend a whole day in the city centre. With on every corner a nice place to eat, drink or just get a coffee.

Meir, Antwerp
Suikerrui, Antwerp

At the end of the city centre there is a really nice view point on the Schelde (river). There was also a Christmas market, Ferris wheel and some fun things to do for children.

Steenplein, Antwerp
Steenplein, Antwerp

We had a nice dinner at a restaurant called Hobs at Groenplaats. Really cozy restaurant with a nice menu and really friendly staff. A recommendation if you are in Antwerp! After that we went back to our hotel and chilled there.

The next morning we had to drive home but it was snowing like crazy! We had to be very careful on the road, and after four hours we finally made it home. Such a long drive! I was exhausted. This is what our home looked like with all the snow.

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