Apple AirPods with a Samsung Galaxy S8?

What’s up guys,

Last week I bought the Apple AirPods, and I wanted to give you a little review on how it works out for me. Our cat Ollie decided it was nice to chew on my normal Apple EarPods, so they were broke.. I had to have new one of course. But then I started thinking: Why not buy the AirPods? They are wireless so that’s really handy for in a lot of situations. But the downside was that they are more expensive. I figured I’d buy them because otherwise I will have to buy normal EarPods a few times in a year. The only thing is that I have an Android phone. I’ve had iPhones in the past so I always went with the Apple EarPods because they worked so good for me. I went on the internet to find out if they would work for a Samsung Galaxy S8, and fortunately they do work!

So I went to the Apple Store in Haarlem and bought them. The connection process with my phone went really easy. Just as you would connect with another bluetooth device. So I was up and running in no time! The sound of the AirPods is really nice, and they fit really well in my ears. They never have fallen out of my ears. I think normally the wire causes them to fall out.

Wanna know the rest of my opinion about the Apple AirPods and how they work together with an Android phone? Watch my vlog below!

Thanks for the read!

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