A week in New York City

What’s up guys! Last month I went on a city trip to New York City. Every year I do a city trip with my sister and this time we wanted to take it a step further and go to NYC for a week.

Before this trip I never went out of Europe, so for me it was really cool to finally go to America. New York was on my list for a long time and when we were deciding on where to go, we though why don’t just do it! So we booked a flight and an Airbnb and next thing you now it was time to go!

The flight went really well and was shorter than I though, so that was nice. We had a lovely Airbnb apartment in Brooklyn, which was around 20 minutes away from Manhattan by subway. We arrived in the night so we didn’t go anywhere anymore because we were really tired from traveling.

Lower Manhattan

We decided to explore a specific part of the city everyday. On the first day we went to explore Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Bridge and the neighbourhood around the World Trade Center and Wall Street (Lower Manhattan). The neighbourhood in Brooklyn before the Brooklyn Bridge is really nice to visit. It has a lot of beautiful houses and lots of green.

The Brooklyn Bridge is really nice to walk over. You can take some beautiful shots of the bridge and the city skyline! After the bridge you immideatly come into the city center of New York City. We walked to the World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial. So crazy to think all the events happened there. The memorials are beautiful and really special to visit. There is also a new station called The Oculus, which is a beautiful artsy building and has a shopping mall and subway station inside.

Some beautiful houses in Brooklyn
Taken from the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge
The 9/11 Memorial – Very special to visit
The World Trade Center and The Oculus
In the new station and shopping mall The Oculus after the previous station got destroyed by the events of 9/11

Soho, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Hudson Yars and Top of the Rock

The second day of our trip we went to explore further up north in Manhattan. Soho is a really nice neighbourhood with lots of beautiful stores and the typical NY buildings with fire escapes. Definitely worth checking out! Further up north you have Greenwich Village where you have Carrie Bradshaw’s house and all kinds of similar beautiful houses.

If you go up even more north you have Chelsea where the Chelsea market is (a nice market to visit) and also the High Line. The High Line is a kind of long park of 2 kilometers long above the city. Because it is build higher you can see over the buildings and you can enjoy some beautiful sights over the city. There are also all kinds of futuristic buildings to see, which is really nice! At the end of the High Line you come at Hudson Yards, where you can visit The Vessel. A large art work in the middle of a square. Hudson Yards is also a high end shopping mall.

After visiting those places we had planned to go to Top of the Rock. A high building in the middle of Manhattan, where you can go to the 86th floor to enjoy a lookout over the city. On the one side you can see the Empire State building and the financial part of the city. Also the Statue of Liberty if you look closely. On the other side you can see Central Park and all the buildings surrounding it. A very special way to see the city!

Soho, New York City
Soho, New York City
Greenwich Village, New York City
On The High Line, New York City
The Vessal at Hudson Yards, New York City
View from Top of the Rock
At the top deck of Top of the Rock with a view on the Empire State Building

Midtown Manhatten

The next day we went to explore Midtown Manhattan. The busiest place I have ever been to! Straight out of the subway on 5th Avenue you can visit the iconic Flat Iron building. We had to look twice to find it, because you can easily walk past it without even noticing the building. But from the right angle you can recognise it very well.

Grand Central Station is of course also a highlight you can’t miss. The iconic station you see in all the movies, with the big golden clock in the middle. A very beautiful station! We also visited the Public Library, which is also a beautiful building in the middle of 5th Avenue. And when you’re in midtown, you can’t miss the popular Times Square of course. I can’t believe how busy it was there. We didn’t stay long because then you would go crazy haha =P.

The Flat Iron, New York City
Public Library, New York City
Grand Central Station, New York City
Grand Central Station, New York City
Times Square, New York City
The Empire State Building by night

Central Park and Williamsburg

As we went up higher and higher in the city, day by day, we finally reached Central Park! Of course that’s something you can’t miss when you are in New York. The park is really big, has lots of different things to do and see, and is great for some relaxing to get out of the busyness of the city. It surprised me how full of trees the park is. I though it was much more of an open field kind of park, but luckily it isn’t!

After Central Park we went to Williamsburg with the subway to have dinner and enjoy the skyline view from the water.

At the entrance of Central Park (5th Avenue)
Central Park, New York City
Central Park, New York City
At the Bethesda fountain in Central Park
The Bedford, Williamsburg
Of course a burger couldn’t be missed!
Skyline from Williamsburg

The Statue of Liberty

When you want to see the Statue of Liberty, I advise to go with the ferry to Staten Island. The ferry is a free ride and you get to see the Statue of Liberty from up close. We didn’t want to go on the Statue of Liberty Island, because it was rather expensive and there is always a big queue for it. The ferry ride to Staten Island is only 25 minutes and you get a good view of the Statue plus the skyline of New York.

We also did some more exploring in Soho that afternoon and went to have dinner in Little Italy. It’s a small part of the town where there are lots of Italian restaurants to eat pizza or pasta!

On the Staten Island Ferry
New York City view from the ferry
Statue of Liberty view from the ferry
Some resting in Soho
A beautiful artwork in Little Italy

MET museum and rooftop bar

During a very warm day we decided to go to the MET museum so we could stay cool, and see the art af course. A very big and impressive museum with all kinds of historic things about different countries. There was also a part about fashion which my sister wanted to see. Because the museum is at the Upper East Side of Manhattan, we also did some exploring there.

After the museum we went to Williamsburg again to look for a nice restaurant. We went to The Butcher’s Daughter, a very nice vegan restaurant. After that we went to The Hoxton, a hotel with a rooftop bar. We heard it had a great skyline view over the city, so we had to see it! We went all the way up with the elevator and it was so nice! We enjoyed the beautiful view with a cocktail 😉

In front of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
In front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
In the Metropolitan Museum of Art
At the Butcher’s Daughter, Williamsburg
Rooftop bar at The Hoxton, Williamsburg
Enjoying a cocktail at the rooftop bar
A beautiful skyline view

Upper West Side and Central Park

On our last day of the trip we went to see the Upper West Side of Manhattan and did some more exploring in Central Park. Upper West Side is a very nice neighbourhood with lovely houses and a lot of nice shops and dining places. We went to Playa Betty’s for dinner. A restaurant with Mexican food. We were there on Taco Tuesday, so there was a deal when you were going to eat Taco’s. You had several small ones so you could try more variations. A very nice concept! We also did some more exploring in Central Park, since the park is so big!

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Upper East Side, Manhattan

The next morning we had to go to the airport again to fly back to the Netherlands. We had an amazing trip and saw everything we wanted to see in New York City. A really amazing experience to see the city in real life. I would recommend it to everyone! Have you been in NYC and what are your thoughts about it? Let me know!

Thanks for the read and see you in the next one,


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