4 Reasons To Go LIVE on Instagram

On Instagram you can share your most beautiful photos. From cool nature photos to photos about travels, fitness and lifestyle. But there was something missing. A personal touch. Instagram discovered that and decided to introduce Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a great success. It’s very easy to use and lots of people are using it. Now you can also share your crazy selfies that you don’t want to have in your nice feed. But they wanted something that’s even more personal and they did that with Instagram Live. But what do you use it for? Here are 4 reasons.


  1. Events

Are you at an Adele concert or a cool event? Start a live and let people see what you are experiencing. People love to see what you are doing at the exact moment. So are you doing something cool? Go live!

  1. Q&A’s

Most people do a Q&A on Instagram Live. No wonder, it’s so easy to do! You need to have some followers to do this tough, otherwise there will be no questions :P. When you go live, people can easy leave questions in de comments. You will see them immediately and you can answer them. Nothing to do for half an hour? Go live and do a Q&A!

  1. Behind the scenes

Go live and give a look behind the scenes. For example at your office, workplace or photoshoot. Let people see who is behind all those great photos on Instagram. What do you use to take all those great photos? Let people discover your secrets!

  1. Tell a story

Do you have something to tell, something you experienced or did? Go live and talk to your followers about it. Personal stories are the best! And because you are live, it gives an extra personal touch. Also, tell people you go live beforehand. That way you can attract more people to you livestream.

So what are you waiting for? Go live and experiment! See what works for your followers. Also, ask your followers what they would like to see. You’ll get better and it and maybe you can go live to hundreds of people some day!

See you in the next one!

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