2017 was a great year!

What’s up guys,

It’s the end of 2017 so let’s take a look back and see what this year brought!


This year I started to get more serious with my social media channels. I wanted more professional photos for my Instagram so I started making photos with my DSLR and later I bought a vlogging camera for my YouTube channel and to easily shoot photos for Instagram.

Playing some tunes on Sunday! Last day of my vacation ?? Do you play an instrument? ??

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There was so much wind that I couldn’t stop laughing haha! ???️

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I really enjoy making photos for Instagram and because I also grew a lot in followers it’s a lot more fun! I upload on Instagram every other day, so a lot of shooting has to be done. Sometimes I’m not inspired or I don’t have time to make photos. Then I’ll go into my photo library and search for some nice photos I took before. I also get really inspired by looking at what other Instagrammers do, so I’m always in for finding new people on Instagram!


This year I started a YouTube channel where I vlog about lifestyle, travels and much more! From time to time a cover, review or informational video. I really enjoy making videos and because I already knew how to edit in Adobe Premiere it was really great to renew that skill. It’s really hard though to get subscribers on YouTube, so I’ll have to work on that.

I also bought a drone this year. I’m really interested in tech stuff so when the DJI Spark released I had to get my hands on one. At first I really had to get used to flying it and I was kinda scared I would crash it. But after some practice I became a lot better at it. Recently I made a drone footage compilation.


I had a few amazing trips this year. Rick and I went on some citytrips in the Netherlands and we had a few trips abroad. In the Netherlands we went to Bloemendaal, Delft, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Amstelveen and of course Haarlem. I also went to London twice, once also to see the Adele finale concert in the Wembley Stadium and once with my sister where we also saw Shawn Mendes in the O2. I had a great summer trip to Mallorca, Spain where we enjoyed the amazing weather. And this month I went to Antwerp, where we explored the beautiful city.

Trips with this one are the best ❤️

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With this one in Mallorca ??

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New Job

This year I also started a new job as a Social & Content Specialist at a media agency in Hoofddorp. I’m really happy with my new job and with all my amazing colleagues. I do a lot of social advertising, content creation and project management.

Before this I worked 4 days in a week, now I work fulltime so I have less time to make content for you guys. But don’t worry, I try my best to get something online every week on my blog. Of course I will be uploading on my Instagram every other day.


This year Rick and I got a cat! We wanted a cat for a while but we figured it was not really handy in our apartment. But because we wanted one so badly, we decided to have a cat that doesn’t need to go outside. We took Ollie in from another family! How cute is he?! Really glad we have him and home wouldn’t be the same without him.

Look at this cute sleepy kitty ??

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This kitty is taking over my laptop haha. Not allowed to use it anymore. ??

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I actually don’t really do new year resolutions. In 2018 I plan to make some amazing trips because I want to see a lot more from the world. Of course I will continue making content for you guys. I hope you continue to enjoy my content! Also let me know in a comment what you think of my content and how I can improve it for you guys.

See you next year!

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