Top 5 tips for your home interior

What’s up guys! I always love to be busy with my home interior. For me, it’s very important to have a nice and cozy home so I will always enjoy the environment when I’m at home. Read about my tips for your home interior! Tip 1: Wall decorations Decorations on…

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Riding an e-scooter in the Netherlands

Last year I went on a city trip to Madrid, Spain. One thing that I noticed and really liked was the e-scooters everywhere. Several e-scooter share services had their e-scooters standing on the street. You could just grab one with the app and go! We don’t have that in the…

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Madrid, Spain: A great surprise!

Beginning of this month I went for a city trip to Madrid. I knew Madrid was the capital of Spain, but that I would like it so much as I did was a great surprise for me! In this blog I will give you the ins and outs of my…

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How Fitness Became a Part of My Life

I’m going to the gym now for quite some years. Fitness is what I love to do and it kind of became a standard factor in my life. In this blog I will tell you about my fitness journey and what I find important in the gym. I started out…

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Exploring Saint-Malo and Brittany in France

What’s up guys! After New York in May, I decided to have a last minute week off from work in August so I could have a bit of a summer break. At first it was the plan to not go anywhere, but then we started to have doubts and booked…

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